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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series

Stats cafeThe Asia-Pacific Stats Café series responds to country requests for advice, assistance and an opportunity to share experiences related to the impact of COVID-19 on National Statistical Systems. The Stats Café is a virtual event, in English and open to you all. Each Stats Café session comprises a webinar and minimum of 15 minutes questions and answer.

Upcoming events:

Date/Time Side events taking place during the Committee on Statistics, 8th Session
Mode of Event
Join Event
22 August
09:00-11:00 Expert Dialogue 1: Strengthening national statistical systems - sharing country experiences on data governance In person and by invitation only (MR-A, UNCC) Link n/a n/a
11:00-13:00 Expert Dialogue 2: Strengthening national statistical systems - linking country experiences to global and regional initiatives In person and by invitation only (MR-A, UNCC) Link n/a n/a
23 August
12:00-13:00 Child and Environment Related SDG Indicators: adoption, gaps and sources Hybrid
Link Here Teams
16:00-17:00 Innovative Methodology to Monitor SDG 16 Hybrid
Link Here Zoom
16:00-17:00 High frequency data collection using telephone interviews and real-time reporting: Tested methodoligies and country experiences Hybrid
Link Here Teams
24 August
09:00-10:00 Role of Regional Statistics Strategies in strengthening People-centered development Hybrid
Link Here Teams
12:00-13:00 Social event SPEED DAT(A)ING – Getting to know you In person
Link n/a n/a
16:00-17:00 Leaving no one behind: Strengthening statistical inclusion of forcibly displaced and statelessness populations at national level Virtual meeting Link Here  
25 August
09:00-12:00 Expert Dialogue 3: PARIS21 Regional Fall Meeting in Asia and the Pacific - Promoting inclusive data governance In person
Link n/a  
12:00-13:00 National SDG Tracker Clinic Hybrid
Link n/a Teams