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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Concluded events 2020-2024

2024 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video:
5/2024 CRVS Business Process Improvement: Success Stories from Asia-Pacific 3 Apr. Link Watch
4/2024 Data governance across Asia and the Pacific: North and Central Asia (NCA) session 12 Feb. Link Watch
3/2024 Data governance across Asia and the Pacific: South and South West Asia (SSWA) session 5 Feb. Link Watch
2/2024 Data governance across Asia and the Pacific: North and North East Asia (ENEA) session 29 Jan. Link Watch
1/2024 Data governance across Asia and the Pacific: Pacific session 22 Jan. Link Watch

2023 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video:
12/2023 Citizen Data: Conceptual Framework, Practical Experiences and Way Forward 27 Nov. Link Watch
11/2023 Beyond spreadsheets - the latest tools for data dissemination 20 Nov. Link Watch
10/2023 Measuring E-commerce and CPI On-line Price Collection. 7 Nov. Link Watch
9/2023 What ISI can mean to you? 30 Oct. Link Watch
8/2023 Vital Statistics Business Process Model: a new process-centric approach to improving CRVS systems 4 Oct. Link Watch
7/2023 Trends on Forced Displacement and Statelessness 2022 28 Aug. Link Watch
6/2023 Reinvigorating the SDGs through gender and inclusive data: Harnessing the power of networks 30 May Link Watch
5/2023 Exploring new horizons: Nepal’s Practice in implementing data integration approaches 24 Apr. Link Watch
4/2023 Resilient and agile National Statistical Systems: A new global statistics development initiative 17 Apr. Link Watch
3/2023 Using Big Data to Measure the Nexus Between Environment and Gender in Asia and the Pacific 10 Apr. Link Watch
2/2023 United Nations World Data Forum 2023 – What to expect? 20 Mar. Link Watch
1/2023 Data Values - Building inclusive and open data systems for greater agency 14 Mar. Link Watch

2022 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video:
22/2022 7th International Conference on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics: Key takeaways and ways forward 28 Nov. Link Watch
21/2022 Measuring economic loss from disasters 21 Nov. Link Watch
20/2022 Developing Statistical Recommendations on Statelessness: Launching a Global Consultation 24 Oct. Link Watch
19/2022 Measuring Consumption Then and Now -- 20 Years since Deaton and Zaidi 10 Oct. Link Watch
18/2022 Progress on Estimating Illicit Financial Flows – Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region 26 Sep. Link Watch
17/2022 Up-taking data use and increasing statistical literacy in the Pacific 12 Sep. Link Watch
16/2022 2022 Asia and the Pacific Regional Trends on Forced Displacement 18 Jul. Link Watch
15/2022 Labour Accounts: Holding labour market data to account 20 Jun. Link Watch
14/2022 SEEA for Climate Change: Why and How? 13 Jun. Link Watch
13/2022 Mainstreaming Gender in Official Statistics: Practical Insights 7 Jun. Link Watch
12/2022 Celebrating Two-Year of Stats Café series 30 May Link Watch
11/2022 Making Civil Registration More User-Friendly in Asia and the Pacific 16 May Link Watch
10/2022 Unlocking the Value of Data for All 9 May Link Watch
9/2022 Minding the data gap on children on the move in ESCAP countries 5 May Link Watch
8/2022 Excess mortality and the importance of data in the fight against COVID-19 20 Apr. Link Watch
7/2022 Demand-driven data planning tools 11 Apr. Link Watch
6/2022 Emerging Trend – The use of administrative data in Asia-Pacific censuses 4 Apr. Link Watch
5/2022 Estimating completeness of vital events: Launch of the Guidelines 28 Mar. Link Watch
4/2022 The compilation of Input and Output Tables and the applications in policy making 21 Mar. Link Watch
3/2022 Survey design: Are we asking what we think we're asking? 14 Mar. Link Watch
2/2022 Innovations in data dissemination in Asia-Pacific 21 Feb. Link Watch
1/2022 Women in Leadership in Official Statistics 7 Feb. Link Watch

2021 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video: Playlist
24/2021 Geospatial Techniques for Mapping Population Exposure to Hazard – Launch of the QGIS Guide 18 Oct. Link Watch
23/2021 Enhancing Data and Statistical Literacy for Policy Action 4 Oct. Link Watch
22/2021 Alternative Tourism Indicators 27 Sep Link Watch
21/2021 Bridging the Gap: Mapping Gender Data Availability in Asia and the Pacific 20 Sep. Link Watch
20/2021 Big Data partnership models 30 Aug. Link Watch
19/2021 Emerging issues in Economic Statistics - Digitalization 23 Aug. Link Watch
18/2021 Big Data Governance 16 Aug. Link Watch
17/2021 Harnessing Time-use Data for Evidence-based Policy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 9 Aug. Link Watch
16/2021 Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis 26 Jul. Link Watch
15/2021 Building Sustainable Statistical Business Registers 14 Jun. Link Watch
14/2021 How Can We Harmonize Official statistics in University Curriculum? 31 May Link Watch
13/2021 Harnessing Civil Registration Records for Vital Statistics 24 May Link Watch
12/2021 Measuring National SDG Progress 17 May Link Watch
11/2021 Developing National Indicator Frameworks to address data needs for Inclusive Policies 6 May Link Watch
10/2021 Showcase of Asia-Pacific achievements in data integration 19 Apr. Link Watch
09/2021 Making Headways in Disaster-Related Statistics 12 Apr. Link Watch
08/2021 Mobile phone data for official statistics – addressing data accessibility, privacy, and regulatory issues 5 Apr. Link Watch
07/2021 Use of satellite data in statistical institutions 15 Mar. Link Watch
06/2021 Indirect demographic methods for measuring completeness and coverage for low capacity countries 8 Mar. Link Watch
05/2021 Weighting, estimation, and imputation in mixed-mode data collections 15 Feb. Link Watch
04/2021 Using secondary sources to assess inequality in civil registration 8 Feb. Link Watch
03/2021 Is COVID-19 introducing mode effects into your official statistics? 1 Feb. Link Watch
02/2021 Qualitative Inequality Assessments for CRVS Systems 25 Jan. Link Watch
01/2021 Statistics that Leave No One Behind: Inclusive Data Charter 13 Jan. Link Watch

2020 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video: Playlist
25/2020 Rapid Mortality Surveillance 15 Dec. Link Watch
24/2020 Reaching Refugee Population through Official Statistics 8 Dec. Link Watch
23/2020 Improving economic indicators with big data 30 Nov. Link Watch
22/2020 The small BIG, Unlocking the power of administrative data 23 Nov. Link Watch
21/2020 Using Remote Sensing Data to Accelerate Global Development 16 Nov. Link Watch
20/2020 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Revelations from reviews of national statistical systems 9 Nov. Link Watch
19/2020 Social and demographic statistics meet big data 2 Nov. Link Watch
18/2020 Producing Population Statistics from Population Registers 27 Oct. Link Watch
17/2020 Connecting the world with data we can trust (World Statistics Day) 20 Oct. Link Watch
16/2020 Producing Environment Statistics Using Earth Observation Data 14 Oct. Link Watch
15/2020 Financing Statistical Development 5 Oct. Link Watch
14/2020 Estimating the size of illicit financial flows: Strengthening national capacity to monitor SDG target 16.4 22 Sep. Link Watch
13/2020 Data Integration 16 Sep. Link Watch
12/2020 50 years of Statistical Capacity-building by UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP):
Perspectives from Alumni Chief Statisticians
24 Aug. Link Watch
11/2020 The Prospect of Big Data for Official Statistics in Asia and the Pacific 17 Aug. Link Watch
10/2020 Accounting for Integrated Statistics and Analysis 10 Aug. Link Watch
09/2020 Human resource management to build statistical institutions 4 Aug. Link Watch
08/2020 Mapping Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing and GIS 29 Jul. Link Watch
07/2020 COVID-19 and Death Registration 23 Jul. Link Watch
06/2020 COVID-19 Data Portals 13 Jul. Link Watch
05/2020 Conducting a census during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and approaches 29 Jun. Link Watch
04/2020 Asia and the Pacific CRVS Systems’ Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis 22 Jun. Link Watch
03/2020 Rapid assessment surveys on the impact of COVID-19 8 Jun. Link Watch
02/2020 COVID-19 Impact on the Household Surveys 1 Jun. Link Watch
01/2020 Accessing and using subnational population estimates in Asia and the Pacific 27 May Link Watch