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This policy workbook provides a comprehensive guide to fostering private sector engagement in science, technology, and innovation (STI) within the context of developing economies, focusing on the experiences of Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Thailand, and Viet Nam (CLTV). It aims to provide policymakers with practical tools, examples, insights, and lessons learned to encourage private sector participation in STI. The workbook addresses two critical challenges:

  1. Policy support for the growth of startups: It emphasizes the importance of creating a conducive ecosystem for startups, considering the specific challenges in supporting startups as they move beyond the initial seed-funding phase and seek to participate in public procurement.
  2. Building human resource capacity through private sector involvement, exploring two specific opportunities to enhance STI human resources: a) engaging large corporations to invest in STI capabilities; and b) developing talent mobility programmes to facilitate the movement of STI personnel, particularly between academia and industry.

The workbook compiles a collection of policies and strategies from the CLTV region and beyond, along with insights from policymakers, industry leaders, and academics. It presents strategic considerations for engaging the private sector in building robust STI ecosystems, such as leveraging networks for policy implementation and the critical role of intermediaries.