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ESCAP@75 - Story 01

Photo credit:iStockphoto/ipopba

Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana - Executive Secretary

Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

Bringing countries together is the cornerstone of what ESCAP does. Once we can achieve consensus on the issues at stake, the next step is to assist countries in providing the path forward, and ESCAP stands ready to do so. Building roadmaps entrenched in formalized policy so that countries understand the requirements of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is our aim. ESCAP will continue to work with other subregional organizations as well as private enterprise so that all of society has a stake in the outcome. Asia and the Pacific is a resilient region.

So how do we recover but not go back to [the way things were] pre-COVID-19? This is our major challenge. ESCAP is determined to help its members achieve a green and blue recovery. We want to be resource-efficient in our energy use – significantly reducing our carbon emissions. Acceleration in digitalization and financing is also hugely important moving forward, ensuring that development is equal. Our goal is to move forward together and leave no one behind.

We have undergone crises before and come out stronger. My colleagues at ESCAP and I have confidence that we can emerge on the eve of our 75th anniversary with determination and drive to create a better society for all people in the Asia-Pacific region.

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