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Delivered by Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

13 September 2023


Dear colleagues, friends,

It is a pleasure to be with you again, albeit in this virtual setting.

In the Asia-Pacific region, while we are making progress on some of the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 7, much more work needs to be done. We need to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy resources and drive more investment into clean and renewable energy technologies.

Lower income countries in our region are struggling to deploy renewable energy resources. We need to do more to ensure that every country can fully benefit from the energy transition.

Let me briefly highlight a few ways in which we at ESCAP are working to address these challenges.

We are working to enable collaboration across our region on energy transition. Our Regional Roadmap on Power System Connectivity, for example, provides a set of nine strategies for how countries can work together to develop secure, sustainable and affordable power systems through cooperation on power system planning, financing, and operations.

In line with one of the Road Map strategies, we are launching next month the Green Power Corridor Framework, a set of actionable principles for aligning connectivity with sustainable development.

We are also working on issues related to the supply of renewable energy technologies. The energy transition is bringing with it increasing demand for so-called critical raw materials.

This year we have been privileged to co-lead the Secretary General’s Working Group on Transforming the Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development, which includes the other Regional Commissions, UNDP and UNEP.

Later this month the Working Group will be launching a Toolkit on Critical Energy Transition Minerals, aimed at Resident Coordinator Offices.

Finally, I’d like to highlight our upcoming 3rd Asian and Pacific Energy Forum. Jointly hosted by ESCAP and the Ministry of Energy of the Royal Thai Government from 19 to 20 October, the Forum is the only intergovernmental meeting organized by the United Nations that focuses on energy issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

The theme is “Building a secure, sustainable and interconnected energy future for Asia and the Pacific.” I hope that you will be able to join us at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok.

I look forward to the rest of the discussion.

Thank you very much.

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