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Delivered by Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

16 October 2023

Excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

The issue of energy transition is of utmost importance. Energy is cross-cutting. It sits at the core of the sustainable development process and the global effort on climate change.

I welcome the formation of expert networks, such as the International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS), dedicated to unpacking the complexities of energy transitions and their wider connections with economic development and social prosperity.

Research institutes and think tanks play an indispensable role in shaping the concepts, frameworks and ideas that are needed to manage the complexities of the energy transition and formulate strategies to chart the region’s path towards a clean and sustainable energy future.

It requires multi-disciplinary collaboration and diverse perspectives from different countries and regions,as well as the engagement of various stakeholders.

It is impressive to see the extent to which you have managed to assemble expertise and diversity of stakeholders under the ISETS banner.

We have been working continuously on the energy transition, principally through supporting our member States in their efforts to reach the targets under SDG 7.

A key component of this effort is the promotion of regional power grid connectivity, where we have a very active programme underway in support of the Regional Roadmap on Power Grid Connectivity, a multi-year strategy to integrate the region’s grids and provide an interconnected network for green energy.

We have also worked with many member States to develop SDG 7 road maps, national cooling action plans and studies on the phase-down of coal.

We have joined hands with many ISETS members on these efforts, and we look forward to greater collaboration in the future. As we embark on this transformative journey together, let me express our deep hopes and aspirations for ISETS.

We anticipate that ISETS will evolve into a valuable hub of knowledge and collaboration, unwavering in its commitment to foster dialogue and effectively gather and share information on technologies, products, solutions and experiences.

It is crucial that ISETS can increasingly attend to the growing needs for support in developing and least developed countries, regions and groups, contributing to a just, equitable and inclusive energy transition that leaves no one behind.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

As we meet in Bangkok, a dynamic city within the Asia-Pacific region, I would like to reinforce the significance of this vast region in the fight against climate change and in shaping the future of sustainable energy.

Asia and the Pacific, to a large extent, will chart the global trajectory of many of these transformations. We hold many technologies, capital and the will required to put the energy transition on track.

The issues that you will be discussing over the next several days are of utmost importance for ESCAP and its member States.

I hope that the key ideas and innovative solutions you will develop through bringing together leading experts, policymakers, industry executives and thought leaders at the ISETS conference can be shared at the Ministerial Conference for the benefit of the region.

I wish you a successful conference.

Thank you.

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