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Delivered by Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

26 January 2024


Ladies and gentlemen,

Greetings to you on the occasion of the International Day of Clean Energy.

As you know, we are facing multiple crises driven by climate change, air pollution, environmental degradation, increasing inequalities and poverty. These problems are global but are most acutely felt in Asia and the Pacific.

The expansion of the clean energy sector is a solution to many of these challenges. It can reduce emissions that lead to climate change, clean the air in our cities, provide jobs and deliver essential energy services to remote areas. Thus, developing more clean energy is a key policy priority for many countries.

Last year renewable energy capacity additions jumped 50 per cent over the previous year, with much of this growth coming from here in the region. This momentum will see renewables overtake coal as a source of electricity by 2025.

However, many countries – particularly developing countries, least developed countries and small island developing States are not seeing the same rate of growth. We need to continue efforts to support these countries with better access to finance, effective policy frameworks and capacity support to drive their clean energy progress.

And our overall emissions trajectory is not on track for 1.5 degrees which means we need to continue to increase ambitions for clean energy.

We are committed to working with ESCAP member States to unlock the benefits of clean energy. We have partnered with them to develop SDG 7 road maps for 16 countries of the region.

Our work on regional power connectivity, guided by the Regional Roadmap on Power System Connectivity, can open up and share the vast untapped renewable energy resources across the region.

Let’s take this opportunity of the International Day of Clean Energy to remind ourselves of how far we have come, but also to recommit ourselves to working together to grow the clean energy sector across all countries to achieve SDG7 and net zero.

Thank you very much.

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