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The COVID-19 crisis has generated a lot of interest from development partners and donors around the world assisting developing economies with understanding the impacts of the pandemic to assist in the recovery process. But what happens when all this best-intentioned support is not well coordinated and nationally led? Are development partners helping to build back better? In this Stats Brief, five tips are presented to empower and enable National Statistics Offices to lead the development of and deliver innovative statistical products and services such as rapid assessment surveys of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19.


This Stat Brief is issued without formal editing. It is prepared by Chris Ryan, Statistician, ESCAP Pacific Office with the support of Gemma Van Halderen, ESCAP Statistics Division, Kristen Himelein, World Bank, Tite Habiyakare, Elisa Benes and Peter Buwembo from the ILO, Jayachandran Vasudevan, UNICEF, Sara Duerto Valero and Cecilia Tinonin from UN Women Asia Pacific, and David Abbott and Mike Sharp from the Pacific Community (SPC).Views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect ESCAP or any UN agency.

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