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Low Carbon Mobility and Logistics

In the Asia-Pacific region, the transport sector accounted for more than 50 per cent of the total oil consumption in 2019. The sector contributes to nearly 14 per cent of the total CO2 emissions in the region with road vehicles continuing to account for the majority. Its total final energy consumption and CO2 emissions have doubled since 2000 due to the rapid growth in population and economic development, as well as urbanization and motorization. These trends will continue until 2050 unless more ambitious low carbon transport measures are implemented.

This priority area focuses on promoting low-carbon mobility, clean energy technologies and logistics. ESCAP uses regional and multi-stakeholder cooperation, data analysis and technical assistance tools to address:

  1. Low carbon transport including the accelerating shift to electric mobility and renewable energy.Integrated urban and transport planning.
  2. Wider application of smart and green transport to reduce emissions.
  3. Environmental performance of freight transport to support rapid decarbonization, including through sustainable freight practices, optimized modal split and improving energy efficiency.
  4. Transport-related actions towards regional and global climate commitments.

ESCAP has launched the Asia Pacific Initiative on Electric Mobility in August 2022. The objectives of the Asia-Pacific Initiative on Electric Mobility are to: 

  • support the acceleration of transition to electric mobility in the region;
  • enhance regional cooperation, provide opportunities for peer learning and sharing of experiences among private and public sector stakeholders working in the areas of electric mobility;
  • strengthen the capacity of Asia-Pacific countries to formulate national policies and strategies to accelerate transition towards electric mobility focusing on public transport fleets; 
  • enhance multi sectoral collaboration among energy, transport, finance, and other sectors;
  • develop a knowledge base on electric mobility ecosystem.