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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Concluded events 2020

No. Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video: Playlist
25 Rapid Mortality Surveillance 15 Dec. Link Watch
24 Reaching Refugee Population through Official Statistics 8 Dec. Link Watch
23 Improving economic indicators with big data 30 Nov. Link Watch
22 The small BIG, Unlocking the power of administrative data 23 Nov. Link Watch
21 Using Remote Sensing Data to Accelerate Global Development 16 Nov. Link Watch
20 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Revelations from reviews of national statistical systems 9 Nov. Link Watch
19 Social and demographic statistics meet big data 2 Nov. Link Watch
18 Producing Population Statistics from Population Registers 27 Oct. Link Watch
17 Connecting the world with data we can trust (World Statistics Day) 20 Oct. Link Watch
16 Producing Environment Statistics Using Earth Observation Data 14 Oct. Link Watch
15 Financing Statistical Development 5 Oct. Link Watch
14 Estimating the size of illicit financial flows: Strengthening national capacity to monitor SDG target 16.4 22 Sep. Link Watch
13 Data Integration 16 Sep. Link Watch
12 50 years of Statistical Capacity-building by UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP):
Perspectives from Alumni Chief Statisticians
24 Aug. Link Watch
11 The Prospect of Big Data for Official Statistics in Asia and the Pacific 17 Aug. Link Watch
10 Accounting for Integrated Statistics and Analysis 10 Aug. Link Watch
09 Human resource management to build statistical institutions 4 Aug. Link Watch
08 Mapping Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing and GIS 29 Jul. Link Watch
07 COVID-19 and Death Registration 23 Jul. Link Watch
06 COVID-19 Data Portals 13 Jul. Link Watch
05 Conducting a census during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and approaches 29 Jun. Link Watch
04 Asia and the Pacific CRVS Systems’ Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis 22 Jun. Link Watch
03 Rapid assessment surveys on the impact of COVID-19 8 Jun. Link Watch
02 COVID-19 Impact on the Household Surveys 1 Jun. Link Watch
01 Accessing and using subnational population estimates in Asia and the Pacific 27 May Link Watch