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London - 18 Apr 2023

News Number: PI/08/2023

Solar photovoltaic panels connecting to substations in the evening

iStockphoto / Zhengzaishuru

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is working with climate data nonprofit TransitionZero providing investment-grade open data and modelling to improve energy connectivity and accelerate low-carbon development in the Asia-Pacific region.

TransitionZero will present modelling analyses from its open source energy systems model Future Energy Outlook (FEO) at ESCAP regional events on energy systems planning and power system decarbonisation. Additionally, TransitionZero will contribute open source modelling to the Asia-Pacific Working Group of the Green Grids Initiative – chaired by ESCAP – which works with parliamentarians, investors, and large donor institutions to facilitate a globally interconnected electricity grid.

As one of the five regional commissions of the United Nations, ESCAP provides a platform for its member States to dialogue and strengthen regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific. ESCAP promotes energy connectivity through workshops and expert group meetings designed to delineate and address the principal barriers to energy connectivity from national, subregional, and regional perspectives.

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