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Innovation in information communication technology (ICT), particularly in trade facilitation activities, is one of the goals targeted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The use of user-friendly technology is the starting point of the efforts that have been made so that innovation can be accepted and adopted by potential users. The Single Submission of Freight Transport Application (SSm Pengangkut or the SSm of Freight Transport Application) is an innovation initiated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to encourage the simplification of the process of processing port licensing documents by using single window technology. This study aims to determine time effectiveness, cost efficiency, transparency, and the role of the SSm of Freight Transport application as part of the maritime single window in supporting the SDGs. Research data was sourced from questionnaires sent to shipping agents, literature reviews, and interviews with government officials. This research also conducted data triangulation with views from the SDGs experts and stakeholdersregarding the implementation of SSm of Freight Transport. It is found that the SSm of Freight Transport application has an impact on time effectiveness, cost efficiency, and transparency in the processing of ship and port clearance documents at the seaport. The SSm of Freight Transport application minimises redundancy in submitting documents through a single entry point (INSWS) to several Ministries/Agencies in Indonesia (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Law and Human Rights) at one time, reducing processing time and operational costs as well as transparency in each submission process. The trade facilitation that has been achieved through the SSm of Freight Transport application is a concreteexample of the implementation of the maritime single window concept, which will contribute to SDGs 8, 9 and 13 in particular.