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With a view to informing the implementation of the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (CPTA), this paper reviews 14 international conventions of global scope involving the issuance and exchange of one or more trade-related documents as part of their implementation. The involvement of ESCAP members and existing CPTA parties in the digitalization projects under these conventions is significant and may provide a good foundation for cross-border paperless trade. The comparative analysis on the stage of development of the 14 conventions toward digitalization is conducted across six dimensions, including state of development and implementation of electronic exchange mechanism or system, existence of dedicated legal instruments and institutional mechanism, and attention to interconnectivity and interoperability. The scoring exercise reveals a significant gap between development of an electronic exchange mechanism under a convention, and its actual implementation and utilization. Further, limited thoughts seem to have been given in many cases about ‘interconnectivity and interoperability’ of the systems developed. Overall, the digitalization efforts under most conventions are still very much “work in progress”, providing ample opportunities for cooperation and systems’ harmonization. Going forward, the CPTA secretariat may invite experts involved in the digitalization efforts under the conventions reviewed to share their knowledge and experience. CPTA parties may consider undertaking coordinated implementation of digitalization projects under the most relevant and advanced conventions in this area (e.g., ePhyto under IPPC), as part of building trust towards broader collaboration on cross-border paperless trade.