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This report documents the results of the work of the Maldives Core Team in the implementation of the “Assessment, analysis, and redesign” stage of the CRVS System Improvement Framework. Using the methodology and the tools defined by the CRVS System Improvement Framework, the Core Team, supported by a Country Coordinator and a Senior Adviser, organised a range of online and in-person consultations to apply the Framework tools. The consultations enabled the Core Team to provide detailed descriptions of existing birth and death registration business processes, analyse aspects of the processes affecting performance, and design a vision for improving registration business  processes, overcoming performance bottlenecks, and increasing overall efficiency.

The report is organised into four distinct parts. The first part introduces the key characteristics of the Maldives CRVS system, as well as background information on the CRVS System Improvement Framework and the methodology for implementing the Framework implementation in the context of Maldives CRVS business processes. The second part of the report provides a detailed description of birth and death registration business processes as presently operated in Maldives. The third part of the report documents the analysis conducted by the Core Team to determine existing business processes, performance bottlenecks and their root causes, as well as redesign suggestions and how best to prioritize improvements. Finally, the fourth part of the report envisions the processes that would emerge after improvement policies are implemented.

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