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24 April 2024, 12:45 - 14:00 Indochina Time / Bangkok | Open meeting

Conference Room 4, Bangkok, Thailand

I. Background 

The Asia-Pacific region faces a rising tide of development challenges in the post-pandemic period. Economic slowdown, unprecedented inflation and uncertainty brought about by geopolitical challenges have set back past development gains. These have also been worsened by a food and fuel price crisis, further compounded by the widespread, rapid and intensifying impacts of climate change. This fast-evolving development landscape is drastically changing narratives and calling for policy adaptation required to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With its dedicated Goal 17, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development emphasizes the crucial role of partnerships in achieving ambitious global targets, integral for mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources, and bringing together national governments, the international community, civil society, the private sector, and other actors. ESCAP, as an inter-governmental platform that serves to bolster regional aspirations of socio-economic development, recognizes that effective responses to the growing and complex development landscape cannot be achieved alone.

The Technical Cooperation Highlights 2022-2023 publication, the third in the series, presents major achievements of ESCAP’s capacity development programme over the past two years, accomplished in collaboration with partners.

In recognition of the role partnerships play in the delivery of ESCAP’s technical cooperation work, this edition is dedicated to success stories showcasing the power of partnerships. It illustrates how partnerships helped scale up good practices to leave no one behind, to make economic growth inclusive, to advance climate action and to reduce disaster risks.

II. Organization and target audience

The panel will comprise representatives of donors and providers and recipients of technical assistance as well as implementing partners. Target audience will be representatives of member States, technical/development cooperation agencies, UN agencies, intergovernmental organizations, as well as the private sector.  

III. Objectives 

The side event will launch ESCAP’s Technical Cooperation Highlights 2022-2023 publication and showcase results and achievements of ESCAP’s substantive work and its facilitation of regional cooperation. By providing the opportunity for an in-depth discussion, the side event will:  

• Showcase major technical cooperation and capacity development achievements for implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

• Portray successful partnerships with governments, foundations and private sector.

• Present ESCAP’s unique position in facilitating regional cooperation and collaboration, including South-South cooperation, towards agreed development goals and priorities.  

24 Apr 2024
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Introductory remarks by Ms. Zeynep Orhun Girard, Chief, Capacity Development and Partnerships Section, ESCAP

• Opening remarks by H.E. Ms. Colonne Appuhamillage Chaminda Inoka Colonne, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to ESCAP  

Panel discussion

Moderated discussion with donors, beneficiaries and implementing partners of selected success stories featured in the Technical Cooperation Highlights 2022-2023



Mr. Mitchell Hsieh, Chief, Communications and Knowledge Management Section, ESCAP


Panellists: (tbc)

  • Ms. Ko Barrett, Deputy Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization 
  • Mr. Kanop Ketchart, Mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Ms. Teuta Rexhepi, Secretary General, Rehabilitation International
  • Mr. Gulshan Vashistha, Global Green Growth Institute  


Guiding questions:

  • Highlight the lessons learned and best practices from the featured cooperation initiatives.
  • Highlight benefits of the partnership.
  • Share innovative aspects of presented solutions and how these could be replicated in other countries.
Launch of Technical Cooperation Highlights 2022-2023
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  • Remarks by Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Secretary of ESCAP
  • Launch of Technical Cooperation Highlights by Mr. Adnan H. Aliani, Director, Strategy and Programme Management Division, ESCAP
Ms. Teuta Rexhepi
Ms. Teuta Rexhepi
Secretary General, Rehabilitation International
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Teuta Rexhepi is the Secretary General of Rehabilitation International. Having worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999 at national and international level, Teuta specializes in nonprofit management and capacity building, development of membership programs, nonprofit marketing and public relations initiatives and advising on communications strategy and advocacy on rights and inclusions of people with disabilities. Teuta holds master’s degree in Global Affairs from the New York University, specialized in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance.

Dr. Kanop Ketchart
Dr. Kanop Ketchart
Mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat
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Dr. Kanop Ketchart's academic background features a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, along with a Master's and Doctorate in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado, the United States of America. He has also contributed to academia as a respected lecturer and thesis committee member across prominent engineering faculties.

Dr. Ketchart is the Mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the 1500-year-old city renowned for its cultural and educational significance with the Mayor at the helm of the municipal leadership.

The Mayor has implemented digital technologies based on people-centric smart city strategy. These initiatives include, “City E-Service Center”, a two- way communication platform initiated for seamless interactions between the municipality and over 72,000 residents which is equivalent to 72% of the population. Since its first operation in July 2021, the municipality has solved 21,123 public service cases using 48-hr time frame.

Through the implementation of another project, “Innovative Flood Control using a Smart City Mobile Application”, the municipality has been able to save around 0.5 million USD yearly for flood relief kits and around 7 million USD on the Federal Government’s budget for flooding compensation. This project provides effective flood mitigation system on low budget.

“Metaverse Classroom” project has as well been initiated and implemented under the leadership of the Mayor. The project applies metaverse technology for 10 city schools to enhance educational experiences among 11,000 students.

With these initiatives and more, the Mayor has taken the municipality and the residents’ quality of life sustainably and steadily forward. 

Ms. Ko Barrett
Ms. Ko Barrett
Deputy Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization
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Ms. Ko Barrett was appointed as WMO Deputy Secretary-General in January 2024 and began her mandate on 1 April 2024. She was previously the Senior Advisor for Climate at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In this role, she provided strategic advice and direction within NOAA to enable the Agency to align, integrate, and extend its capabilities to best provide the climate services needed to address the climate challenge. 

In 2015, Ko Barrett was elected to serve as Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a role she held until July 2023.

In addition to her work with the IPCC, she served as a lead negotiator on adaptation and capacity building issues for the United States in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Ms. Barrett joined the Senior Executive Service in 2016. She served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAA’s Research Programs for five years, following various leadership positions in its Climate Program Office for over a decade. Before joining NOAA in 2005, Ms. Barrett was the Director of the Global Climate Change Program at the US Agency for International Development, where she oversaw climate activities in more than 40 countries.

Ms. Barrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina – Asheville. There, she was named a University Scholar, Distinguished Research Scholar, and was elected a member of the Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. 

Mr. Gulshan Vashistha
Regional Investment Lead, Asia, Global Green Growth Institute
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Gulshan is a Climate change and sustainable finance expert working as regional investment lead for Asia at Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). He has fifteen years of experience working in green energy, and infrastructure finance, supporting countries in the development of innovative financing instruments, international development finance for clean and renewable energy, and green technology innovation deployment in several Asian economies. Gulshan manages a portfolio of around USD 4 billion for the region that has a mix of green infrastructure Finance and Sustainable Finance projects. Some of the prominent deals that Gulshan has led are;

1. USD 150M - First green energy projects (Solar Parks) in Indonesia with PT PLN

2. USD 248M – Greening the National Highway program in India

3. USD 50M – Greening the Special Economic Zones - Philippines

4. USD 500M - Sustainable Finance program in Sri Lanka for Sovereign and private sector green bond issuances and Debt for Nature Swaps.

5. “Accelerating Clean Technologies – Asia” (ACTAsia) program through; a. USD 450M - Energy Transition Mechanism in Indonesia, PT SMI to accelerate RE programs for the country.

Before GGGI, Gulshan worked on Boeing 787 India program, commercialized innovations, and led project preparation of the first few large-scale Solar farms in India working for the Department of Science and Technology, India.

for more information, please contact

Strategy and Programme Management Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]
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