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29 May 2024 | By invitation only

Yerevan, Armenia and online (hybrid event)

ESCAP secretariat is currently undertaking a study project on “Enhancing energy efficiency of the freight transport sector in Asia and the Pacific”. The study aims to enhance the capacity of policymakers and other stakeholders in ESCAP region to formulate and implement effective policies and plans to promote energy-efficient future for freight transport sector, notably road transport in achieving SDGs 7, 9 and 11. 

To achieve its objective, the study focuses on three broad pillars: (i) modal shift: the study  explores policy and regulatory measures, and changes in governance structure that affect transport mode choices which contribute to a reduction in energy intensity in freight transport systems; (ii) technology: the study explores current and future trends such as vehicle efficiency standards, fuel economy and emission standards, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels and other new technologies; (iii) policy: the study explores policy options, incentives and other measures to support the technology development. Furthermore, a regional roadmap towards a sustainable and energy efficient freight transport has been developed to provide guidance on best practices for policy implementations.

Within the scope of this study project activities, a series of capacity building workshops is organized to disseminate the study findings and best practices. These workshops will contribute to human resource development and knowledge transfer of technical knowledge to the focal countries. 

This particular Workshop focuses on Armenia and is co-hosted by the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. 
Attendance to the Workshop is by invitation only. For more information, please contact: Mr. Edouard Chong, Transport Division, e-mail: [email protected]

for more information, please contact

Transport Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
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