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01 to 02 December 2022 | By invitation only

The increase in the volumes of dangerous goods handled in Asia-Pacific ports has led to an increase in accidents involving dangerous goods, resulting in high social and, often, environmental costs, in addition to the economic losses. Dangerous goods accidents in ports occur in various forms, such as fire, explosion, and leakage of hazardous substances, and the damage varies depending on the size of the accident and the initial response. 

Asia-Pacific ports are taking various measures to prevent accidents, but they face various challenges such as delays in information collection, lack of processing facilities, insufficient legal system, lack of professional staff, and proximity to residential areas. Against this background, ESCAP is supporting the development of regional policy recommendations to improve dangerous goods management in Asia-Pacific ports.

With this goal in mind, ESCAP - in cooperation with Port Authority of Thailand- is organizing a regional capacity workshop on “Promoting the safety management of Dangerous Goods in the port areas in the Asia-Pacific Region”. The meeting will be held in Phuket, Thailand and online on 1-2 December 2022 and will bring together experts from the Asia Pacific countries and relevant organizations to review the regional and global experience on managing Dangerous Goods in ports and to elaborate regional recommendations addressing the specific issues in Asia and the Pacific. 

The updated workshop program, the meeting link and venue information will be distributed to registered participants in due time.

For further questions and information, please contact Mr. Sooyeob Kim, Transport Division, ESCAP at [email protected]

for more information, please contact

Transport Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
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