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07 December 2022, 11:00 - 13:30 Western Standard Time | By invitation only

Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Network of Energy Think Tanks (APNETT)


ESCAP with supported from the Energy Foundation China has convened a network of academic institutes, think tanks, universities and not-for-profit entities across the Asia Pacific region: the Asia Pacific Network of Energy Think Tanks (APNETT). This initiative is intended to promote research collaboration and information exchange on social, technical, environmental and economic energy issues with the secretariat support of ESCAP. APNETT members are institutes from diverse countries and levels of development with differing areas of expertise.

The First Meeting of APNETT on 2 June 2020 was held virtually owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and was jointly hosted by Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. The Second Meeting of APNETT was also held virtually on 2 June 2021. 

The Third Meeting of APNETT was joined in collaboration with the World Renewable Energy Congress XXI which was be held at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia on 4-9 December 2022. The meeting was co-hosted by Murdoch University and was held in hybrid mode.

Objectives and outcomes

The third meeting took stock of recent research, offered guidance on ESCAP’s energy knowledge products and planned future activities of the network. Advice and exchanges of knowledge on emerging trends in Asia-Pacific’s energy transition in the context of the energy transition were sought from members. Members defined areas of opportunity for collaborative research for promoting sustainable energy development in ESCAP’s member States and prioritized studies that could be funded under future ESCAP programs. Members’ perspectives were sought on existing knowledge gaps and new frontiers for research that could assist policymakers across the region and strengthen regional cooperation.

Summary report

Access the summary report and presentation at 'Event Document' tab on top of the page.

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