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17 to 21 January 2022 | By invitation only


ESCAP is committed to accelerating the application of public-private partnerships (PPP) to assist member States in alleviating public fiscal constraint and boost social and economic infrastructure resilience through the Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnership Network of Asia and the Pacific1 . In this regard, the Network is organizing a series of technical training to provide tailored support from PPP experts to increase the systematic knowledge and operational capacity of member States PPP units on practical issues related to PPP project preparation and implementation, including developing an enabling environment, preparing viable PPP projects, mobilizing private financing, and implement concrete solutions to financing quality infrastructure that is inclusive, sustainable, and resilient.

The training will offer essential knowledge for key stakeholders of PPP project, including policymakers, regulators, investors, as well as commercial and investment bankers. It will cover fundamental issues of private participation in infrastructure (PPI) in general and the role of PPP in particular. After building the PPP basic knowledge, the training will focus on PPP framework and its components, PPP process cycle and contractual provisions. Special attention will be given to sustainability and resilience, the impacts of COVID-19 on PPP projects, and the very important concept of application of technologies in PPP projects. Several examples and case studies are incorporated to the training to address multiple key issues.



Based upon the interests and technical assistance requests raised by members States, including those from the Government of India, ESCAP is organizing this Technical Training Series to provide technical support on preparing and implementing sustainable infrastructure projects in India.

The objectives of this training are to allow participants learning about the financial and economic drivers of project finance and gain an understanding of the role of key parties at critical points in the PPP project lifecycle. The training will explore existing types and models of PPP projects and management of the variety of risks, including construction, supplier, market demand, market price, credit and political country risks. It will also examine a range of project types, including greenfield projects, privatization, PPP projects, climate change and carbon emission mitigation, as well as sector-specific infrastructure projects such as power generation and natural resource extraction.


Method of Delivery and Certification

The training consists of six modules to be held over 10 sessions in five days. It also includes interactive sessions, knowledge recap, networking, and experience sharing of PPP project facilitation throughout both courses in the form of individual and group exercises moderated by experienced subject-matter experts. The trainings will be conducted in the form of interactive webinars using Microsoft Team. Completing all modules and the final assessment are required to achieve the ESCAP Professional Certificate for Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Project Finance for a verified participant.

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