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04 May 2021

Virtual Meeting

By invitation only

Expert Working Group on Energy Connectivity – Fifth Meeting

The Committee on Energy at its Third Session endorsed the Regional Road Map on Power System Connectivity: Promoting Electricity Connectivity for Sustainable Development in February 2021.  The Fifth Meeting of the EWG-EC will be held on 4 May through an e-conference platform. The Meeting will be attended by experts identified by member and associate members of ESCAP.  The objectives of the fifth meeting will be held to discuss two main questions;  (1) What modelling  tools  are  available  to  evaluate the  implications  of  increased  power system connectivity under different scenarios, and what kind of data and information is required to ensure the accuracy and robustness of these efforts? 2) What are the energy security concerns linked to regional power system connectivity, what policy options are there to mitigate them? 

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