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29 to 30 July 2021 | By invitation only

With the aim of identifying and exploring effective approaches to promoting quality employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, the Expert Group Meeting on Promoting Inclusive Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific will be organized virtually on 29 and 30 July 2021.

The meeting will bring together experts from Asia-Pacific governments, persons with diverse disabilities and their representative organizations, civil society organizations, private sector organizations, United Nations entities and other international organizations to conduct the following activities:

1) Analyse the design and implementation of disability-related employment promotion frameworks, instruments, systems and interventions at the legislative, policy, programmatic and institutional levels;

2) Study models of partnerships between governments, organizations of persons with disabilities, civil society organizations and private sector organizations that effectively promote employment for persons with disabilities;

3) Facilitate exchange of good practices and experiences in promoting the rights and needs of persons with diverse disabilities in accessing and maintaining employment; and

4) Explore recommendations to further empower persons with disabilities in the evolving world of work, including in the context of technological advancements and new work modalities in the post-COVID world.

Attendance to the meeting is by invitation. For more information, please contact: Social Development Division, e-mail: [email protected]

Introduction of meeting objectives and agenda by Ms. Cai Cai

Item 1: The state of employment of persons with disabilities

Exploring the employment status of persons with disabilities - country case studies from Asia and the Pacific by Mr. Kamal Lamichhane

Measuring work outcomes by disability status: findings from national surveys and censuses in Asia and the Pacific by Ms. Sophie Mitra

Integrating the Washington Group-ILO disability module into labour force surveys by Mr. Daniel Mont

Item 2: Disability-inclusive employment and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

CRPD harmonization in the context of employment in Asia and the Pacific by Mr. Andrew Byrnes

Interpretation of Article 27 for application to national realities by Mr. Esteban Tromel

Item 3: Legal and policy instruments to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in the context of employment

A review of employment quota systems for persons with disabilities in Asia by and the Pacific by Ms. Barbara Murray

Preferential contracting as a tool to promote disability-inclusive employment in Asia and the Pacific by Mr. Michael Szporluk

Establishing robust grievance redressal mechanisms to promote antidiscrimination in the labour market – the case of India by Mr. Thakur D. Dhariyal

Integrated policy interventions for employment creation at subnational levels – the case of China by Mr. Zhou Kai

Thematic Spotlight 1: Social protection as a tool in promoting employment for persons with disabilities by Mr. Alexandre Cote

Item 4: Forms and modalities of employment Expert Presentations

Facilitating supported and open employment through partnerships between government and the social sector – the case of Hong Kong, China by Ms. Deborah Wan

Promoting employment of persons with autism through social enterprises – the case of Thai Autism Association by Mr. Samrerng Virachanang

Job coaching for the promotion of sustainable open employment – the case of Job Coach Network Malaysia by Ms. Yeo Swee Lan

Pathways from sheltered to supported employment – the case of Australia by Ms. Linda Steele and Mr. Sam Sondhi

Thematic Spotlight 2: Protecting and empowering women with disabilities in the context of employment by Ms. Tricia Malowney

Item 5: Employment support services for disability-inclusive employment

Experience sharing on seeking and maintaining employment for Deaf persons by Mr. Anthony Chong 


• Designing and operationalizing needs-relevant employment support services by 
    -Mr. Song Moon Hyun and Ms. Jung Min Jeon
    -Ms. Phyllis Choo
    -Mr. Rick Kane
    -Mr. Suporntum Mongkolsawadi

Thematic Spotlight 3: Supporting employers through business and disability networks
    -Ms. Joni Simpson
    -Mr. Ramya Prajna S. (Rama)

Thematic Spotlight 4: Supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities by Ms. Manique Gunaratne

Item 6: Disability-inclusive Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Developing a disability-inclusive TVET system from policy to institutions – the case of Bangladesh by Mr. Kishore Singh

Integrating disability inclusion into TVET sector-planning – the case of Vanuatu by Ms. Sherol George

Providing relevant skills training for the labour market in disability-specific TVET schools and education institutions – the case of Caritas Lok Mo Integrated Vocational Training Centre by Mr. Nicky Chan

for more information, please contact

Social Development Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
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